Mc Mark   - tested positive to laffter.....since 2004
“Mc Mark  Comedian makes you laff sometimes when you want and well sometimes against your wish.”
"Never seen an emcee with such an energy at a wedding like emcee Mark. He kept the audience well together throughout the  reception"
"I am so impressed with Mc Mark, no swearing yet everyone was reeling with laffter. Such an amazing stand up"
"Very funny..ahahahha will definitelly recommend him"
"I didn't want to come to this awards tonight because it was very boring last year, but someone told me Mc Mark will be hosting !. I straightaway bought my ticket. Def Good"
"This guy came to our church 3 months ago, I still haven't stopped laffing"

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a comedian you can trust. Mc Mark  was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work Mark”
"I took out my glasses to wipe off my tears, thats how hard he made me laff....Mark you are wonderful"
 "His jokes caught me off guard i thought who is this guy?.. "
"After I had changed my wedding date twice i felt i needed a dynamic emcee on the day to help me deal with whatever oddity that has been created before,Mc Mark met the bill."
"My first time of seeing Mark was at a 50th birthday, now seeing him at a corporate makes me confident Mc Mark can handle any event..."
"I have watched my wedding reception party over and over again in the past 7 years and on deep thought I am glad I chose Mc Mark as my emcee for the day. I have told him to prepare for our 20th anniversary if he is available. Only I can't deposit" 

"Mc Mark nearly got himself in trouble today while poking fun at a top notch politician. I am soo fascinated at the way he dug himself out of the awkwardness and regain the audience trust. It only shows he has combined witt with experience"